Oven Won’t Heat: Troubleshooting Electric Range Problems

Hello, this is Wayne from Sears PartsDirect. In these days, we’re going to talk about troubleshooting an electric oven that won’t heat. The very first thing we ought to do is verify that we have now 240 volts of vigor going to the oven. You can also consider that your oven is getting ample vigour if the controls illuminate. An electrical oven desires 240 volts to warmness, however best a hundred and twenty volts to function the controls.Although these work you, would still have a power source concern. Let’s have a look at if were getting any heat on the outside burner. So one can inform us whether we’re getting 240 volts or now not. If the surface burner would not warmness, check your house circuit breakers for the variety. One of the vital two circuit breakers might have tripped, which could be the rationale your variety is only getting one hundred twenty volts. Reset each circuit breakers and assess for warmth now. If youre nonetheless not getting warmness, you might have a concern with your vigor socket.Now, if the surface burner heats, you definitely have the 240 volts of power to the range. Our subsequent step is to unplug the range and the investigate continuity by means of the bake element. Continuously disconnect vigor before checking continuity. Get rid of the higher back panel. Unplug the element wires from the electronic control board. Measure the resistance via the yellow and orange wires that go to the bake aspect. Your meter should read about sixteen ohms of resistance by means of that circuit. For those who measure around sixteen ohms of resistance, then the bake aspect circuit is ok. Dispose of the diminish back panel. Check the continuity of the crimson wire between the terminal block and the digital manipulate board. Your meter must learn close 0 ohms of resistance via that pink wire. If that is so, the electronic control is getting the 240 volts needed to warmness the element, its just now not sending it to the heating element within the bake mode. In this case, youll must substitute the electronic control board. This video will show you the way. Now, for those who learn no continuity, while you checked the bake detail from the manipulate board, then you traditionally have a damaged bake aspect or a wiring failure in that circuit.Examine the resistance of the bake aspect immediately on the detail terminal ends. If your meter reads "OL," change the bake element. This video will show you ways. If you measure about 16 ohms of resistance by way of the bake element, then you already know you may have a wreck in the wiring between the digital manage board and the bake detail. Assess the continuity of the wires between the electronic control board and the bake detail to seek out the smash. Repair or replace any damaged wires. Take a seem at this video to study more about repairing broken wires. Hi there, thanks for gazing at present. Assess out our other videos, here on the YouTube Channel, and bear in mind to subscribe. .