Gas Oven Won’t Heat – How to Repair (Part 2 of 2), Replace Ignitor

– very well every body, welcome to Tomahawk DIY. In these days i’m going to exhibit you tips on how to get the igniter unscrewed here the handy means. You can investigate out my other video that suggests the troubleshooting to reach this point and but I uncared for to exhibit tips on how to without a doubt get rid of it without difficulty. So let’s take a appear at that. See the opposite video to get to this point and this is how you get the igniter off. I’m going to come underneath the oven. And there is two bolts and a screw we have to undo proper again there, these two bolts. Careful to not drop them or lose them. Ok, we obtained the 2 bolts. Now let’s get this screw. So, screw right there. Again, keep yourself some headache, be sure you don’t drop them. It would be hard to retrieve them underneath the oven. In the other video, I already confirmed disconnecting the cables and the igniter right here and right there.So with those two out, that’s going to let the whole burner assembly slide out. We will come up here, undo this bolt. With that bolt out, we are able to… Get the whole igniter meeting out and then take the bolts off right here. We will put the new one again on. Okay, so we undo the bolts that are conserving this igniter in location. Now, i’ll include a link down beneath to Amazon the place which you can decide on up a substitute igniter and once you’ve got your igniter off, you set the new one back on. Simply reverse the whole system. Alright, with the igniter back on and before I put this back In, we must get the leads, the wire leads, reconnected. So we are going to undo the wire nuts. I will have to get these… Wires off. Could take somewhat bit of work.Now, I do not know that it makes a difference on which one connects to which one, but we’ll connect the identical means. The red one… On this side and the white one on the other. Let’s put your wires together into the wire nut. And twist it on. Alright, with the wire nuts back, if the new igniter’s no longer working, traditionally the first thing to assess is to make sure these have become just right contact along with your wires. Now we can slide the entire meeting again in. We’re going to start with the aid of getting the wires down. And then after that, it’s a subject of placing the bolts again in the best way you took them out and checking out your igniter. Very well, after you’ve got your wires threaded in up here and your burner, this is an primary part, don’t forget to maintain the burner lined up over the fuel tip right right here. You’ll be able to realize it’s in good spot when your bolt holds her on and this is right over the fuel line.In case you overlooked that, you could have some issues with gas coming in the incorrect spot. Ok, now we have nearly obtained these two bolts back in. And then one screw, that screw goes correct there. And that holds the burner meeting in situation. Okay, at the same time you’re underneath here get your wires plugged again in. The red one on this side. And the white one… Over on this facet. All right. Snap that collectively. With those again, come again within and do the bolt on the highest of the burner. So that is the bolt right here. With the wires reconnected, let’s test and ensure our oven’s gonna work. (beeping) So flip it on. K, there we see an igniter lighting fixtures up. Let’s have a look at if we obtained a flame now. Looks sizzling sufficient for a hearth to me. Ah there we go, the burner’s on. So there you’ve it. Now that you may return to my different video to verify out the leisure of the disassembly.Let’s flip this off earlier than it will get the whole thing too hot. Sorry, that you would be able to go back to my different video now to verify out the leisure of the reassembly. Undoubtedly when you’ve done assessments like this, make certain the whole thing turns off and cools down earlier than you get again in the oven. Make sure you’re being trustworthy in the whole thing you do. Keep in mind to subscribe, just like the video, depart some comments and decide on up some components on Amazon.Have a nice day. .